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Dynamic and Results-Driven

Camille and Josh deliver dynamic, results-driven presentations around the country that take people on a journey of ideas and show them ways to think and act differently in life and work. Whether presenting keynotes or workshops to professionals, such as “Creativity Boot Camp,” “The Art of Doing: Success Strategies” or “Talk This Way: The Art & Science (& Pleasure) of Persuasive Public Speaking,” or their popular innovative career prep program FUTURE ME for students and young professionals, Camille and Josh use first-rate storytelling, humor and compelling insights to inspire and motivate audiences.

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Life and Work Strategies for the Thinking Person

Our Topics Include

Creativity Boot Camp:

What is creativity? Contrary to popular belief, creativity is a set of learnable skills that drives success and innovation for companies, teams and individuals. The problem? Too much conflicting information shrouds effective creative practices in mystery. In CREATIVITY BOOT CAMP we clear up that mystery and show you exactly how it’s done.

  • Participants learn the 3 most important creative strategies of the most creative people on the planet. 
  • They have an interactive team-building experience that gets them out of their chairs working together toward a shared goal. 
  • They learn how to apply these creative strategies to their own work and lives. 

Creativity Boot Camp is fun, fast and eye-opening, equipping companies, teams and individuals with creative practices that’ll help solve problems for years to come. We’ve brought Creativity Boot Camp to audiences of 15 to 500+ including at American Express, the United Nations, SXSW, Hospitality Design Summit and more. 

"Part-entertainment, part-education, pure genius! Creativity Boot Camp was a highlight of our employee development plan.” 

American Express

“Camille and Josh brought passion, dedication, and attention to detail at Summit.” 

Hospitality Design Summit

“The techniques we learned and practiced in the workshop have enabled us to become creative problem solvers.” 

United Nations Secretariat

The Art of Doing: Secrets of Success

What is success? Who has it? And why? And how can all of us be more successful in our own lives and work? We’ve spent the last decade asking these questions of over 500 people across a wide range of fields. We even wrote a book about it, “The Art of Doing: How Superachievers Do What They Do and How They Do It So Well.” What we discovered is as surprising as it is illuminating, and ultimately, these principles and practices of superachievers, will change the way you do things. Working with clients from conferences, companies and colleges, we synthesize our research, fascinating case studies and the latest findings on the science of success to customize a thought-provoking multidisciplinary presentation for every audience, from intimate gathering to large group events. 

“Outstanding keynote!” 

Science of Success Symposia, Harvard University

“They took our audience on a journey of ideas. Everyone learned something they can use in work or life.” 

Live at New York Public Library

“Camille and Josh kicked off the summit and participants discussed their illuminating success strategies for the rest of the weekend.” 

Conversation Among Masters Summit

The Art of Curiosity:

What’s the one thing successful leaders and companies need to stay ahead? Knowledge. How do you get knowledge? You have to go out and find it. And to do that, it all starts with being curious. Curiosity, from the Latin word, cura, means care. When we care about our products, our services, our clients and co-workers, we pay attention to them. And when we pay attention to them, surprising things can happen. In this keynote on the power of curiosity that began as a TEDx stage talk, audiences come away knowing:

  • How to cultivate more curiosity in their own lives and work 
  • How to inspire the art of curiosity and innovation in the people around them. 

“One of the best!”

TEDx Organizer

The Art & Science (& Pleasure) Of Persuasive Public Speaking

How come public speaking is rated one of humanity’s greatest fears second only to death? Public speaking does more than put us on the spot; speaking up exposes us. But what if there were a way to not only get better at public speaking, but actually to…enjoy it? From a bold opener to an emphatic call-to-action, and from coherent storytelling to choreographed delivery, learn how to make your pitches hit, your presentations persuasive and your message heard around the world, or at least around the meeting room. In the last decade, Camille has presented hundreds of customized communications sessions—one-on-one's, workshops and masterclasses—to professionals just like you who are looking to level up to stand up and stand out in today’s interconnected world. Contact Camille to learn more.

"I just loved Camille's ability to pull in participants. She was direct but kind, and kept folks engaged!” 


Future Me Workshop:

FUTURE ME is our innovative career prep program for students from middle school through higher ed and young professionals, helping them figure out what they want out of work and how to connect that to jobs and careers they'll love that will support them. We have brought FUTURE ME to hundreds of students including at Stuyvesant High School, Avenues: The World School, Loyola High School New York, CUNY, SUNY, and programs that serve students from underrepresented communities including CITY KIDS DC, First in Family JH, and New York State STEP Program and private individuals and groups. To find out more go to: FUTURE ME