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The Art of Doing

We all know that it takes hard work and the occasional dose of luck for someone to make it to the top of their chosen field, but is that all? To find out we asked dozens of people at the top of their field, including celebrities, entrepreneurs, artists and iconoclastic achievers, “How do you do what you do?” In the beginning, our goal was to uncover what was unique about each one of the superachievers we interviewed. But after months of research and thousands of hours of conversations we were surprised to discover how much a rock star, for instance, had in common with a tennis champ, or how alike a race car driver was to an astrophysicist in search of signs of extraterrestrial life. Learn their secrets here.

“This is really a perfect book...”

NBC Weekend Today

"In their new book 'The Art of Doing,' the authors show how to go one step further and be a super achiever."


"Reading this book is an entertaining way to eavesdrop on excellence….”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“What the authors discovered is that talent is only the beginning. … It’s what you do with your talent that matters. And that's really a magical idea because it means success is up to you.”


"There’s a lot of good advice in this book.”

Smithsonian Magazine

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