Our Mission

To help people discover work that works for them.

Our Story

Camille and Josh are educators, authors and journalists. Camille has worked on staff, and now as a contributor, to The New York Times for over two and a half decades. Josh is a former art director of New York Magazine. Together Camille and Josh wrote the runaway hit, “The Art of Doing: How Superachievers Do What They Do and How They Do it So Well” on the art and science of success, interviewing dozens of people in a variety of fields. Camille and Josh write extensively on this, and related topics, including features, articles and opinion pieces for The New York Times, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, New York Observer, Psychology Today and other publications. Their feature for The New York Times “The Secret Ingredient for Success” was one of the Times’ most emailed stories. And Camille and Josh have been bringing the findings of their research and compelling storytelling to stages and workshops around the country—to conferences, companies, schools, colleges, institutions and organizations—speaking to groups from 15 to 1500. Recently, they have adapted their talks and workshops to interactive online formats. 

What We Do

A recent Gallup survey reveals that 85% of people are disengaged from their work. That doesn’t bode well for the future. But what about the other 15%? How do they find work they love that pays the bills? This is what students learn in our workshop, FUTURE ME. First taught to upper schoolers at Avenues: The World School and students at Stuyvesant High School in New York City, we now also bring FUTURE ME to students in higher education. Currently we are presenting FUTURE ME online. 

The FUTURE ME Workshop is based on research from our book “The Art of Doing: How Superachievers Do What They Do & How They Do It So Well,” and 100’s more people we studied and interviewed who find work they love that pays the bills. Who are we? We are educators, authors and journalists, Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield. (Contributors to The New York Times, etc.)

In our book, we interviewed dozens of people in a variety of fields and after the book came out, we haven’t stop. We’ve interviewed and studied hundreds more people. What have we found? People who find work they love that pays the bills share three core principles:

  1. They find out what truly interests them.
  2. They apply those interests to jobs, careers or callings.
  3. They figure out how to break into their chosen field by finding the right people and the right places to make their career happen.

We were first asked to develop a curriculum based on our research for upper schoolers at Avenues: The World School New York. For the last 5 years, we’ve been teaching these principles and other success strategies to students from middle school through higher education, including at Stuyvesant High School, and in the SUNY and CUNY systems. 


—Students find out what truly interests them using a proprietary interest inventory. 

—They discover how their interests apply to work in the real world, discovering which career path personality fits them best and creating their own goal map.

—They figure out how to break into their chosen field, which begins with connecting with the right people through a proven proactive mentor formula.

—They make much better career decisions about how to pursue work they love that’ll pay the bills: Better decisions about internships, which colleges to consider, what to major in, which mentors to target, which further education to pursue, which jobs to go for and how to navigate their career. 

Before they’re even out of high school, these students dream and do and take steps to find their road, learning an exploration process they can use lifelong.

What people have to say about FUTURE ME:


“It was fun, creative, energetic!” Student/Avenues: The World School

“It really helped clear up what I want in life and in my career.” Student/Stuyvesant High School

“The most useful part was the step-by-step process to discover my interests.” Student/NYC Lab High School for Collaborative Studies

“I loved the stories about successful people and how they found their interests.” Student/The Clinton School 

“I learned a lot about myself and different fields I might like to pursue seriously.” Student/Baruch College Campus High School

“It taught me you have to prepare. You have to think about your thinking.” Student/Avenues: The World School


“What a great initiative!” 

“Interestingly what my son has chosen to focus on was not what I would have expected.” 

“Thank you for sharing your expertise.”

“My son loved this experience. Congrats on your methodology.”

“Thank you again for providing a unique adventure that opens the mind to what could be.” 

“Bravo Future Me! Wish I’d had this when I was young!”


“Thank you both for a wonderful and interactive experience!” Educator/Stuyvesant High School

“Josh and Camille have a unique skill set. We look forward to having them back.” Educator/Stuyvesant High School

“Camille and Josh are enthusiastic and connected well with our students.They challenged students to see opportunities in their futures, and to act on them.” Educator/Avenues: The World School

Parents, to sign up for the next FUTURE ME workshop, or Educators, to bring FUTURE ME to your school or organization, contact us: Here

Other Talks & Workshops

Camille and Josh have delivered compelling talks and workshops around the country including for TEDx, SXSW, American Express, Harvard U., The United Nations, The New York Public Library, HD Summit, Conversations Among Masters, The New School, Smith College’s Women in Leadership Summit, SUNY College of Optometry.

Their topics include—“Top Ten Strategies of Superachievers,” “The Art of Curiosity,” “The Power of Failure: The Hidden Side of Success,” “Creativity Boot Camp,” and “Future Me.”

CREATIVITY BOOT CAMP: A dynamic, results-driven professional development workshop that teaches the top creative strategies for teams and individuals in groups as intimate as 15 and as large as 500. 

What people have to say about CREATIVITY BOOT CAMP

“Camille and Josh brought passion, dedication, and attention to detail at Summit. The energy in the room was so exciting to witness!” From Hospitality Design Summit  

“Camille and Josh did a great job of not only training us, but also inspiring and motivating us. We found the workshop extremely useful and effective as we learned strategies and techniques that can be used in our professional and personal life. This workshop was a highlight of our employee development plan.” From American Express

“The techniques we learned and practice in the workshop will enable us to become creative problem solvers.” From United Nations Secretariat

THE ART OF CURIOSITY: A TEDx stage talk on the power of curiosity, what we can learn from Leonardo Da Vinci, the poster boy for curiosity, and how we can inspire more curiosity in our own lives and work.