About Camille and Josh

Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield have been reverse-engineering the lives of superachievers and the rest of us who love our job, for nearly a decade. Why? To discover the universal principles—the methods, mindsets and strategies—of success. Their mission? To bring these principles to the world through books, articles, talks, professional workshops and educational programs.

Camille and Josh have imagined a world where instead of thrashing and flailing in a state of perpetual uncertainty, individuals and organizations can get what they want and need by emulating the proven principles of great goal achievers.

Whether writing a chapter or an article, running a workshop or teaching a class, here’s what Camille and Josh focus on: What will interest, excite and inspire the reader, client or student? That’s why, regardless of the medium, Camille and Josh communicate these principles with clarity and precision, humor and surprising science and, of course, always with compelling storytelling.

If Camille and Josh were asked to condense their work experience into one chunky paragraph, it might resemble a herd of hippos crammed into a MINI Cooper. Here goes: Camille first worked as a novice newsletter writer and all-purpose office assistant for the comedy/magic duo Penn and Teller. She spent the next four years at the Center for Journalism in Central Europe, helping to run international programs for Eastern and Central European journalists, and reporting from Prague. Back in New York City, she landed a job at The New York Times Magazine where she has worked on staff (and off) for over two decades. Camille is a MacDowell Arts Colony fiction fellow. She is a speechwriter and communications coach for private clients and has served as president for the largest public speaking organization in the region. Josh has spent his life creating futures and launching new careers by finding things that he loves to do, learning how to do them and applying an artist’s sensibility to them. As a teenager, Josh created a granola business, worked on farms and became a carpenter, buying and renovating houses. Later he created political cartoons, became the managing editor at the Daily Californian in Berkley, and later still, became the art director of New York Magazine. Josh continues to work as an award-winning illustrator. His images have appeared in publications and on covers from The New York Times to the New Yorker. And his clients include global companies, corporations and organizations, including Rock the Vote’s most iconic Censorship is (Un)American image. Josh has had several one-man shows of paintings and photographs in New York, Los Angeles and Europe. He has won acclaim for his recent art work, “Gigi Gaston: The Black Flower,” an archive of a fictional celebrity, that was shown in galleries and museums around the world.

What We Do

The Art of Doing: How Superachievers Do What They Do and How They Do It So Well (Penguin Random House). As coauthors of “The Art of Doing,” Camille and Josh struck a nerve in the culture. When the book came out, people were hungry for stories about superachievers and wanted to find out: What’s the secret sauce? From the NBC host who called it, “a perfect book,” to Forbes maagazine that proclaimed it, “good news…success is up to us,” response to the book led to intense media coverage for Camille and Josh including appearances on TV, interviews on radio, podcasts, and in print and requests for speaking and writing on its topics.

New Book: After more in-depth research, interviews and studying the lives of people from all walks of life—contemporary and historical who’ve found work they love that pays the bills—Camille and Josh are now at work on a second book, working title: “Find Your Road: A Revolutionary Way to Find Work You Love that Pays the Bills.” This new book offers a simply-explained system to find meaningful work that supports you. Already audiences are connecting with the material.

Camille and Josh’s speaking mission is: To come, to speak, to inspire, to yield the best results. Each presentation they do, whether a keynote, a visual talk, a reading, an interactive workshop, or a hands-on learning experience, is crafted with the audience in mind. Camille and Josh have delivered compelling talks and workshops around the country including for TEDx, SXSW, American Express, Harvard U., The United Nations, The New York Public Library, HD Summit, Conversations Among Masters, The New School, Smith College’s Women in Leadership Summit. Their topics include—“Top Ten Strategies of Superachievers,” “The Art of Curiosity,” “The Power of Failure: The Hidden Side of Success,” and “Creativity Boot Camp”—a dynamic results-driven professional development workshop that teaches the top creativity strategies for teams and individuals in groups as intimate as 15 and as large as 500.

Creativity Boot Camp

Testimonials for Creativity Boot Camp:

“Camille and Josh brought passion, dedication, and attention to detail at Summit. The energy in the room was so exciting to witness!” HD Summit, Dana Point

“Camille and Josh did a great job of not only training us, but also inspiring and motivating us. We found the workshop extremely useful and effective as we learned strategies and techniques that can be used in our professional and personal life. This workshop was a highlight of our employee development plan.”From American Express

“The techniques we learned and practice in the workshop will enable us to become creative problem solvers.” –From United Nations Secretariat

TEDx The Art of Curiosity

Communications workshops and speechwriting also available for individual and groups. For speaking requests or coaching services, contact: Here.

Camille and Josh are educators, most recently developing a program Future Boot Camp in the Upper Division at Avenues: The World School New York. The Future Boot Camp educational program draws on Camille and Josh’s deep research to reveal the principles, methods and mindsets of high achievers to connect as many students as possible, as early as possible, to their dream futures. They have also adapted “Future Boot Camp” for college students and professionals.

Future Boot Camp

Testimonials for Future Boot Camp:

“What a great initiative! Marie plans to go ‘operational’ with her ocean preservation efforts in the spring.” -Parent

“Our boy is generally bored at school and loves this creative interruption.” –Parent

“Interestingly, the projects that my twins have chosen have not been what I would have expected and this shows even more how useful the time has been, and will be, for them to find what truly interests them.” –Parent

“My future self will thank me.” -Student

“Is there a Future Boot Camp for adults?” –Social Media manager

For info on Future Boot Camp, contact: Here.

Camille has worked on staff (and off) of The New York Times for over two decades as a project editor, and a contributor. Josh is a former art director of New York Magazine. Together Camille and Josh have written numerous features, articles and opinion pieces on the topic of success, innovation, the connection between our biology and performance behavior, and they have profiled dozens of high achievers including for The New York Times, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, New York Observer, Psychology Today and other publications. Their story for The New York Times “The Secret Ingredient for Success” was a sensation that stayed on the Times’ most emailed list for nearly two weeks. For media inquires, go, Here. To view media about Camille and Josh, go: Here.